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Our mobile and web applications allow for complete control of your car turnaround process on the GO.

Customize the setup to match your company's turnaround process and gain full control of time and resources.

100% integrated with CarEye® scanner.

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Dos décadas

Wenn ASA has teamed up with Assured Europe since 2021. The Assured Group has a proud history of top-of-the-line service delivery and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

They are the single largest vehicle and facility management company within our industry, offering niched and highly specialised services to meet the full spectrum of our clients’ demands.

Assured Europe are also the only pan-European fleet services enterprise, spanning borders from Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and across the channel, operating in the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland.

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La aplicación GO-app

  • Sistema totalmente modular
  • Proceso guiado para el usuario
  • Seguimiento del estado, los procesos y los servicios
  • Detección de daños basada en IA
  • Interfaz e historial de daños completos
  • Facturación digital y gestión de contratos
  • Seguimiento del estado, los procesos y los servicios
  • Software de planificación del personal y seguimiento del tiempo totalmente digital
  • Integración a nuestros sistemas de contabilidad
  • Planificación de capacidad basada en IA

Proveedor #1 en Europa

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