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Our AI streamlines the process and documenting of car damage detection for the whole car industry

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Take the friction out of the car rental customer journey

Everyone wants to feel safe! We ensure solid documentation of your car, both on pickup and when you deliver the rental car.
No more "he said, she said" disputes!

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The best solution for
effortless valet parking

High volumes of cars and customers complaining about damages made in your valet parking? The solution is already here!

Check out what Gatwick London says:

Gatwick testemonial

The most important thing is happy customers!

A better customer experience at Munich airport

For Munich Airport, the new car scanners are a big step towards an even better customer experience.

Time-consuming checks of the rental car and possible conflicts about damage are no longer necessary.

This makes car rental from us faster on the one hand and more relaxed on the other.

We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers this service,” says Peter Bayer, Head of Services and Parking at Munich Airport.

Picture of Haakon Holm Assured Europe

Peter Bayer

Head of Services and Parking Munich Airport

We have already seen a reduction in claim cases

The system has significantly improved decision-making and damage assessment efficiency, greatly enhancing our prior setup.

The video feature is especially beneficial, allowing for uninterrupted customer flow as images are captured on the move, contrasting with systems that require stopping for image capture.

Based on the positive results, I recommend deploying this system across all our sites.

Picture of Haakon Holm Assured Europe

Shamir Ebrahim

National Car Parks (EUK) Ltd

Enhanced overall customer experience

We are thrilled to share our positive experience with the Careye scanner, a valuable addition to our service offering. Since integrating the Careye scanner into our operations, we have seen significant improvements in our car inspection process. The scanner's advanced technology allows us to conduct thorough inspections quickly and accurately, ensuring that every vehicle meets the highest standards before returning to the rental fleet.

This has not only improved the overall turnaround time for rental vehicles but has also enhanced the overall customer experience.

Picture of Haakon Holm Assured Europe

Simon Ludick

Assured Austria GmbH & Co KG

Full security and transparency!

When we quickly remove one of the biggest uncertainties when renting a car, I am both proud and incredibly happy.

SIXT Denmark has now got our first damage scanner in operation and the cars are photographed both on collection and delivery. Stop worrying about being billed for damage you didn't do.

Full security and transparency!

Picture of Haakon Holm Assured Europe

Christina Carpens

Country Manager Sixt DK

Saved one man a day in workforce

The Enterprise team, which also includes the Alamo and National brands, used to spend hours every day on claims follow-up, complaints, documentation and extra work.

With CarEye Capture they can now concentrate on improving the rental experience for their customers instead.

– If there is room for doubt, then a dispute is guaranteed to develop, that is my experience. This is never good for us, even if we’re right. With Wenn’s technology, we are on the same page as the customer and we can spend time on more important and pleasant things

Picture of Haakon Holm Assured Europe

Michael R. Cohen


We searched all over – then we found this brilliant solution from Wenn!

As we see great potential in automated damage detection, we evaluated all available technologies during 2021.

Our opinion is that Wenn provides the best alternative and we are very pleased to have entered into a strategic alliance with Wenn.

The first installation, at Munich Airport, is opening this December (2022) and we look forward to rolling out Wenn on our other locations during 2023.

Picture of Haakon Holm Assured Europe

Haakon Holm

Assured Europe

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Car damage scanner from Wenn in Palma, Spain

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